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Rich world cultural heritage

The country offers 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites



Addis Ababa

Rich world cultural heritage

The country offers 9 UNESCO world heritage sites, including 1 world natural heritage site: the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and steles of Axum

Palaces of Gondar, Semien Mountains, Harar Old Town, Urahni Lucy, Tiya steles …

Historic Ethiopia

Ethiopia has achieved a lot: almost all of the country’s social and economic indicators have improved more than any other African country over the past decade. Today history and future are close together, discover …

Exotic & Southern

The south impresses with its natural beauty and the traditional tribal life in the villages. The Great Graben runs right through Ethiopia and offers spectacular landscape features ranging from hot and barren places to green oases.

Blue Nile Safari

One of the tributaries and main water carriers of the Nile is the Blue Nile. It owes its name to the soil from Ethiopia that it carries with it. This earth, very fertile and darkly colored, washes up the river and carries it on on its journey to the Mediterranean …